day 1 of toronto comicon is over and i am exhausted.. reprinting and punching some buttons that sold out for tomorrow and then hitting the hay!!

thanks to everyone who stopped by my table today!! here’s to one more day of toronto geekery at the zeekayart table in the artist alley!

best part of today: little girl, couldn’t be more than 8 years old bought my kyubey print “he’s cute!! can i have him?”


a little girl… has been tricked by kyubey’s cuteness in real life… OH NO… OHHH NOOOOOOO!!!

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  3. combotron said: She’ll become a fine witch. Also thanks again for trading, i’m really glad you liked the print of Eggmen!
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    Actually growling because of the guests I NEED to meet and I can’t go because I didn’t know it was THIS weekend!
  5. rainbowdovahkiin said: WOah woah, I didn’t know about this con? Shite! too late for me now Ahh I usually only get to go to fanexpo
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  8. uuuwwwaaa said: IRL MEGUCAS
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