today was day 2 of toronto comicon, and i am exhausted. the day started out great and me and were buddying up once again. it was his first time in the artist alley and he did really well! i was pretty proud.

the second picture there is all my swag from the con, which were mostly art trades (!!!), my favourite part about artist alley! being able to trade with other artists is always fun :D! combotron, blazegryph, marimobuttons and the three girls i traded with at the end (ahh online names escape me!!) were all super cool. (edit:,, and !)

i also stood in line for two hours to get brad swalie’s autograph… that was a bad choice on my part, as i thought it would take just under an hour. and i kept waiting and waiting and was like omg well i’ve waited an hour i can’t just leave now….!!! but i should have lol. i did make some friends in line though! rob and ali(y?) and s…s…sophie?? i think your name was sophie lol! but yeah, that was fun taking about being a red-haired catgirl, the good ol’ days when bionix was on tv and getting aizawa to sign your death note! haha! i just wish staff didn’t tell me to line up on the wrong side of the hall. i stood there for ten minutes while the ACTUAL line grew. d’oh. thanks a lot, staff.

anyway, here are a couple pictures that will took while i was in the aa!


this guy had his hand as the audrey II as a puppet. freakin’ awesome.


a spider-man with really cool eyes!! i am a huge fan of spidey (since i was 4 lol) and i always love it when cosplayers choose the huge expressive eyes of the 90s.


hit-girl! it always blows my mind when i see children (or at least younger girls) cosplaying hit-girl. DID YOUR PARENTS LET YOU READ THAT??? OMG. AWESOME. YAY!

and now for the shittiest part of the day. we packed up at 5, left at 5:15, and got to the car in the parking garage at 5:30. we locked the car and went to find some food. we came back at 6:45. the car was broken into and ennver’s bag with all of his artist alley earnings, his 3DS (and games), his tablet, his camera, everything. gone. all his art supplies. all his schoolwork in his sketchbook. gone. i am in the front seat in this picture, you can see me being absolutely shell-shocked.


it absolutely fucking sucks and i cannot describe the feeling. we got to the car and i noticed sprinkles on my button box. glass sprinkles. i was terrified. i will probably never park in a parking garage again. we couldn’t do anything about it and security wasn’t even on-site. after a good weekend and everything going relatively well, this was complete shit. he worked so hard, did commissions, made his table back by the second day, and was even making a profit! at his first con!! and someone just ripped that away from him. so fucking unfair.

and that was my march toronto comicon experience.

  1. deenadraws said: Amy and I were one of the 3 girls! LOL! Great swag!
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    HEYA FRIEND WE FOUND EACH OTHERS’ BLOGS YAY but then I read about the car theft and I am at a loss for words. That’s...
  3. mrspenniejo said: I am so so sorry that happened to you, that’s absolutely shit. Hopefully the police catches them and get your stuff back. ):
  4. milk-bubbles said: Wow, that just completely broke my heart.
  5. theyunniecorn said: :[ so sorry to hear the car got broken into
  6. tiik4y said: Glad to hear you had fun! Sucks about the end though… definitely file a report with the Police. I always make sure I keep valuables and earnings on me whenever I’m out for din dins at cons… this gave me more reason to be paranoid o.o;
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  8. combotron said: Oh nooooo, i’m really sorry to hear of that! Ennver had such great stuff for sale as well for his 1st convention too! Here’s hoping things work out. Aside from that, thanks for print trading again! Hope i’ll have better stuff to trade with you at AN!
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    come on guys, don’t ruin cons for people. way to ruin someone’s experience. but don’t worry. karma will catch up...
  10. musicfreakcreations said: Oh my god that absolutely sucks. People are the worst. Did you guys file with the police? :c I’m sorry your good weekend ended that way.
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  12. jeno-side said: WOW. That sucks about the break in. I hope things work out and the rest of the con is great!
  13. karin-adele said: where’s that parking place?
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