not sure if this is actually happening

but my tickets have been bought

look it’s a preview of my aquabats powerpoint for my con-g 9pm friday panel HEHEHE

look it’s a preview of my aquabats powerpoint for my con-g 9pm friday panel HEHEHE

okay i think i have my outline for my panel (finally), just gotta fill er up with information now. let me know if you think anything should be added/deleted/put in a different order!

aquabats panel outline under the cut!

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does anyone have a picture of the map of aquabania? google keeps changing my search term to “aquamania” :(

i think this is still my favourite mcbc expression of all time

i think this is still my favourite mcbc expression of all time

aquabats fans! i am doing a panel on the aquabats at a local con in a month :D!! i need your help to make it the best panel ever!

i want to make it so that people new to the aquabats and people familiar with them both enjoy the panel. this is the info i put as a teaser for the con book:

We are your average ordinary, superhuman!
Punishers of evil, rock and roll band!
And we've been designated to save this crazy world!
We cannot die, for this is our destiny!
Come on now and see the Aquabats panel!”

so what do YOU think would be the most important thing to have in my panel on the aquabats? 







how many members did the aquabats have at the most?? was it 8 or 10 or i can’t even remember?

sad face forever

The Aquabats! Super Show! Season One DVD review.

The Aquabats! are an average ordinary superhuman rock and roll band.

  • They’ve been trying to get a tv show for years, they’ve made a couple pilots and they’ve gone through more than a few members, and have had numerous close calls with the band breaking up, moving on, and getting real jobs.
  • But here it is.
  • Their own show. 
  • And it is amazing.

13 episodes of wacky campy adventures of guys who you aren’t sure if they are too old to be stuffing themselves in spandex shirts and neoprene hats. 13 episodes that are packed full of humour, fun, and tidbits for new and lifelong fans alike. Also included is the original pilot used to generate interest about the show back in 2008. It’s is very interesting to see how they changed the format and fleshed out the characters. 

The campy attitude they use as well as the low budget effects and location (the park in which almost every episode was shot at) is something I miss from television today. I think it’s a reason I like reality tv as much as I do. Reveling in cheese is fun if done right, and The Aquabats! have just the right amount of cheese for me. They also have a cheeseball, which I didn’t even know existed until this show, ha!

  • There’s a song in every episode!
  • Sometimes two!

I wish they came out with a soundtrack to go with the DVD, the music in the series is so catchy and even a year later I am looking for that serry choda. 

Every episode has an anime-inspired cartoon following cartoon Aquabats adventures in it, and almost every episode has a lil’ bat cartoon in it. Fake commercials are peppered throughout the episodes, which are cute and sometimes terrifying. These elements, combined with the main story the live action Aquabats are going through, make for a nice pace for today’s kids who get easily distracted. When everything gets tied together in Showtime, the cartoons suddenly make sense and there’s a big “wow” moment, which I don’t remember having from any show that was around when I was a kid.

Of the 13 episodes, my favourites are Eagleclaw, Floating Eye of Death, and Showtime. But it was reaaaaaally hard to pick because they’re all so fun!!

Watching this DVD makes me wish The Aquabats would come to Canada again! The concert scenes in the episodes are so fun. I’ve only ever been to one Aquabats show in person, but it’s a super rad time.

The DVD has a good amount of special features, but I wish there were more. They could have 30 hours of special features and I would still want more, haha. Bloopers made me guffaw a few times, guys in spandex falling down just doesn’t get old.

Thanks to Tyler from Click Communications who sent me the DVD to review.

I can’t recommend The Aquabats! Super Show! enough. I blog about it, I watch it, I own two rashguards and four Aquabats tees. The Aquabats are great, and if you own this DVD for yourself you’ll be part of their dream.

You can own the DVD by purchasing it at their online merch store here: Why not buy a t-shirt or two while you’re at it and look like a cool kid like me huh???

u jellin?

ya ya u jellin

tell the aquabats

tell them canada and the east coast misses them

for me


summary of new episode:

jimmy didn’t want to be an applejack

jimmy wanted to be a twilight sparkle

sometimes people and robots just need to run

sometimes people and robots just need to run

tyson hesse might be a fan of the aquabats

just maybe